Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle transportation is an essential service for both car dealers and car owners. There are many reasons why you might need car transportation. In most cases, vehicle transportation is required when moving a newly bought car or when taking a broken down car for maintenance.

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What we offer

As a vehicle transportation company, here at BG Breakdown Recovery of Nottingham, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your comfort as a client. These services include;

Car and commercial breakdown recovery services

Based in Nottingham, BG Breakdown Recovery Service covers any form of vehicle transportation service. The company provides breakdown transportation for both cars, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles. To get price estimates for car and commercial breakdown recovery services, click here.

vehicle-transportationRoad Traffic Collision (RTC) recovery services

Being involved in a road traffic collision can be stressful. At BG Breakdown & Recovery, the company is to lift the stress off the people involved in collisions. Once you call in, you will be rescued and your vehicle taken to a secure car storage. The company will also arrange for your forward vehicle transportation and notify relevant people about the collision. Get a price quotation for RTC here. Involved in an RTC ? but your car has a fully comprehensive car insurance?  We can liaises with your insurance company after taking your car to a secure depot. Your car will then be repaired or handed over to a salvage agent.

Car storage

Car transportation is expensive and risky when done over long distances. For this reason, BG Breakdown & Recovery Services provides storage of cars. This company is one of the most trusted in the storage of classic cars in Nottingham. The storage facilities cater for both car transportation companies as well as car owners. With the car storage experts and state of the art facilities, the safety of your car is guaranteed when stored by BG Breakdown & Recovery Services. Find a quote for car storage here.

Why You Should Trust BG Breakdown & Recovery Services

BG Breakdown & Recovery Services stands out among other vehicle transportation service providers for various reasons. These include;

Reliable services

Reliability is one of the most crucial aspects when selecting a car transportation service provider. BG Breakdown & Vehicle transportation is a service provider that will ensure your car is kept safe while on transit and when stored at the destination. BG Breakdown and Recovery Services have state of the art technology and technicians that ensure the vehicle transportation process is a success.

Timely responsesbg breakdown recovery & vehicle transportation

If your car breaks down while on the highway, or you get involved in a road traffic collision. We are a car transportation service provider that will respond on time. BG Breakdown Services responds instantly when contacted to rescue you and your vehicle to safety. The company offers emergency car transportation service throughout the UK. Its location close to the M1, A1, A52, and A46 makes it easy to dispatch a recovery vehicle within thirty minutes.

Additional services

As a vehicle transportation service provider, this company provides additional services to make your experience much better. For instance, BG Breakdown & Recovery  liaises with your insurance provider and informs relevant people when you get involved in a road traffic collision.

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